MT4Invest provides you with the world's leading commodities which can be split into three categories, precious metals, energy and natural commodities. From the precious metals you can trade Gold & Silver, from the energy we offer Natural Gas and Crude Oil and from the natural commodities you can trade Wheat and Corn. All the commodity prices correspond with the single monthly futures of the underlying asset and are subject to monthly rollovers. However at MT4Invest you can trade continuously as the expired commodity contract is automatically replaced with the new contract. Please note that all existing entry orders, such as limits, stop loss and take profit, will not be updated to the new contract. Traders that prefer not to be exposed to rate adjustments at the time of maturity of the contract should close their position before the expiry date. If you would like to know the exact expiry date of each commodity please go to our futures expiry date page.


The Gold and Silver commodities are also referred to as precious or spot metals. They are traded OTC, with the highest liquidity usually between 14:00-17:00 GMT when the European and U.S markets overlap. The spot metals are continuously tradable but it is important to note that this market may experience periods of low liquidity after the U.S markets close. Gold is commonly referred to as a "safe haven" commodity as its price tends to rise during periods of high volatility, increased risk and anticipated inflation.


Trading commodities at MT4Invest is a simple, transparent and secure procedure. We have compiled a table with all the trading details that you need to know, for every commodity. Click below to see the full trading conditions:

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Calculating your P/L when trading commodities is actually very simple, what you need to know is how many "units" are there in 1 Lot traded of the commodity. These "units" could be for example ounces (for Gold) or barrels (for Crude Oil).

Let's consider Gold as an example, you can see above from the View Conditions for commodities that the number of ounces for 1 Lot of Gold is 100. This is the contract size for 1 Lot.

So if the price of the Gold moves 1 pip from $1200.50 to $1200.51 and you are in a position of only 1 Lot Gold , then your P/L would be $0.01 X 100 = $1. If you would like a more detailed explanation please feel free to contact our support representatives.