The MT4Invest Sirix Social trading is the latest and most rewarding way for traders to interact within the financial markets. Traders are linked together from all over the world into one huge network, enabling them to get a transparent indication of market direction and learn off each others skills and past experiences. This is known as the so-called “next level” trading, as it gives both experienced and professional traders an even trading field.

MT4Invest is one of world’s largest online financial trading communities, providing you with a massive social boost. Social trading is the way of the future so its time to monetize your potential that of your fellow traders!

So how does SIRIX Social Trading work?

The Mt4Invest social trading network operates on multiple levels, enabling you to tailor fit your portfolio. Whatever your financial preference, social trading will greatly enrich your trading experience.


The first and most basic step is to view the live feed of trading activity appearing on the right hand side of the web-based platform. This is what you’re fellow traders are doing in the financial market at any given time. How does that benefit you? Information is power, and staying informed about what other traders are doing gives you valuable insight into market trends, innovative strategies and trading ideas.


You will be able to identify fairly quickly which traders are more successful than others, by viewing our Top 50 Traders ranking. Naturally, you will want to track the performance of particular traders. You can do so by choosing to “Watch” the traders that you find more interesting. You can get full information on each trader by clicking on his or her Portfolio. You will be to clearly view a summary of each trader’s open/closed positions, P/L and full trading summary.


The real benefits of the social trading tool kick-off once you select to copy a particular trader or group of traders. If you spot a particularly promising investor in your live feed, or in our Top 50 rankings, you can decide to allocate a certain percentage of your funds to copying this investor or copy each trade of the investor according to a pre-determined fixed position size. All you have to do is click on “Copy” and allocate equity or fixed-size positions to start copying their trades automatically. In fact you can even dedicate your entire account to copying other successful investors and manage them through the community tab on your social profile, building what we call a “diversified” portfolio! The best part of the Social trading is that you retain full control of your funds – you can pause or resume your copy activity, set a Copy Stop Loss, or simply close your copy relationship altogether whenever you see fit.

It’s Time To Level The Trading Field

No more hidden tools or market information, the Social Trading environment delivers a transparent trading field for Beginners and the most advanced traders.

Beginner Trader

  • Choose your Master Traders – track their trades, benefit from their trading method and copy their trades automatically
  • Track the ongoing performance of any trader by simply clicking on their Trading portfolio. Through a series of simple tools you will be kept abreast of all the account activity
  • Track the Live activity feed to get useful tips and get a feel for investor sentiments

Master Trader

  • Allow others to copy your Trades
  • Recruit copiers and enjoy our rewards program
  • Gain Status and global recognition as a successful Trader
  • If you have over 100 copiers you will be entitled to our “Monthly Payments” rewards program