How do I install the platform?

Installing the MetaTrader 4 platform is a simple one click process. All you need to do is click on the Download Now button on the MT4Invest homepage. You will see that an installation guide will appear which will lead you from there. Alternatively if you would like to get started with the trading right away then you can try the MT4Invest WebTrader by logging with your username and password through our homepage WebTrader login. This platform is web-based, which means that there is no download required.

How do I get around Firewall protection?

This is actually much simpler than it sounds, all you really need to is disable the anti-virus that is installed on the pc and open up port 443.

After I download the MT4, how do I log into my account?

You should have received an email notification upon registering with your login name and password. (For Example, Account: “70989” and Password: “temp4te” ). After downloading the MT4 platform an icon of the system should appear on your desktop. Click on the icon and a login screen will appear.

  1. To login, go to FILE > LOGIN and type your login and password.
  2. In the Server Field menu, select the following server: "Leverate-Main".
  3. Listen for a DING sound (confirmation noise) and your account number will appear in the top left corner of the platform.

If you see prices moving in the Market Watch and the correct balance in your Terminal section then you have successfully logged into your account.

Does MT4Invest charge commission on trades?

On the Mini, Standard & Premium accounts MT4Invest does not charge any commissions or hidden fees. Our Revenues are generated solely from the spread, which is the small difference between the selling and buying price of a currency pair. However on the ECN Account where the spreads are variable, MT4Invest charges an exceptionally low commission of $4 per 1 Lot traded.

Can I use the MT4Invest MT4 platform on a Macbook?

The MetaTrader 4 system is only compatible with Microsoft Windows and will not work with Macintosh based operating systems.

How do I change the language settings on the platform?

On the top Menu bar select VEIW > LANGUAGES , then select the language preference. When it's done, close the platform and login again.

When does the Practice Account Expire and what happens if I run out of practice money?

The Practice Account expires after a 21-day trial period. If you would like this period to be extended or you have run out of practice money please contact our international helpdesk and we will ensure that you can have a second attempt.