Go long or short on some of the US's most popular shares!

MT4Invest is now offering Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on a large number of popular U.S. equities that closely track the actual price of shares traded on the NYSE.

Advantages of Trading CFD's rather than traditional shares:

  • Ability to go both long and short.
  • Trade larger volumes through the use of leverage.
  • Instant exposure to the global stock markets and the excitement of share trading.
  • Trade stocks through the same account that you trade Forex.
  • Use all types of available executions- Real Market, stop and Limit orders.
  • No Commissions


Please be advised that CFDs trading on US Shares are subject to certain restrictions and limitations. In order to calculate profits or losses, it is important to know how many shares there are per 1 lot when trading US Shares. In order to view trading conditions and the list of shares which MT4Invest offers simply click on the link below.

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